Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Tainted Lot numbers

If you know you have been given anthrax from any of these lots please contact me. I am here to help and your info remains confidential.

To All: Based on data from Tulane University Medical School, and medical records submitted by military personnel to Dr. Asa, this the complete list the vaccine lot numbers that Tulane considers problematic (I forgot to mention three of them in earlier postings):

Squalene-Positive [per FDA and SRI]:
FAV 008, FAV 020, FAV 030, FAV 038, FAV 043, FAV 047

Have Induced Anti-Squalene Antibodies [per Tulane Med School]:
FAV 041, FAV 070 and FAV 071

Associated with Autoimmune-Related Symptoms or Fullly Diagnosed Autoimmune Diseases in Troops [per Tulane]:
FAV 017, FAV 048b, FAV 066, FAV 068, FAV 069, FAV 073, FAV 074, FAV 075, FAV 078

I recommend directing any questions concerning this data to either Dr. Pamela B. Asa or Dr. Robert F. Garry.

Makers of the Anthrax Vaccine Make a Deal with the Government

It was in September 2001 that letters laced with anthrax powder were mailed to political and media targets in Florida, New York, and Washington. Five people died, and soon after, the anthrax vaccine was offered to military personnel. One that medical personnel knew could have side effects, but it was the best they had to offer at the time.
Latest news is here on new Vaccine

Now, Vaxgen, the maker of a new anthrax vaccine, announced on Monday that it has signed a contract with the government to produce 75 million doses over the next three years. Here's the best news. This new vaccine can be given after exposure or before.
"Once delivered to the stockpile, the intention is it will be held under the control of the Centers for Disease Control to have that vaccine available for emergency use if there is another release in the field like we had in September 2001," says Carmen Belan, Vaxgen.
The Vaxgen anthrax vaccine is expected to be available to the public eventually, but for now, it has not been approved yet by the FDA for anything other than use through the government.

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