Friday, November 05, 2004

The "New" Anthrax Vaccine

The following info is from Mr. Matsumoto, look to his book Vaccine A for more info on this click here more

"Based on the most recent run of Tulane's assay, other than the six lots of vaccine already proven to contain squalene (FAV 008, FAV 020, FAV 030, FAV 038, FAV 043, FAV 047), only two lots are definitively linked to the induction of anti-squalene antibodies (FAV 070 and FAV 071). However, an additional seven vaccine lots (FAV 048b, FAV 066, FAV 068, FAV 069, FAV 073, FAV 074, FAV 075) are causing the same autoimmune pathology in patients who received vaccinations from lots confirmed to contain squalene. The first batch of recombinant protective antigen protein, which is the chief pharmaceutical ingredient in the Army's second generation anthrax vaccine, rPA102, was made in a National Cancer Institute lab at Fort Detrick. Other laboratories that had a hand in the developing rPA102 were the Salk Institute, Battelle Memorial Institute, DynPort and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)."

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