Thursday, November 04, 2004

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Just a few brief facts, which follow this paragraph, are enough to raise most people's eyebrows. You can also scroll down below this section for advice on what to do if you are facing deployment and are being ordered to take the vaccine, a chronology documenting the history of this vaccine, adverse reactions troops and veterans have reported, a full symptoms list taken from VAERS reports and medical reports, and more resources.1. The anthrax vaccine was never licensed for use against aerosolized anthrax until, mysteriously, the FDA suddenly sprang into action last month (Dec. 2003) after Judge Emmet Sullivan's decision that use of the vaccine is illegal - a decision still pending. Now, the FDA and the Dept. of Defense are claiming that it's all right to use animal data to license the vaccine. Prior to 2002 animal data was not allowed for full licensure of drugs. DoD and FDA co-sponsored this change to the law when they were caught using the anthrax vaccine experimentally for inhaled anthrax. So the lawbreakers are the ones who have changed the law to fit their circumstances, and now claim to be using this changed law to suit their purposes2. Despite 18 years of elapsed time and a Citizen Petition calling for finalizing the rule of the anthrax vaccine as an Investigational New Drug, this was also never done until late in Dec., 2003, in response to Judge Sullivan's ruling. Meantime, troops were ordered to take this experimental vaccine against their wishes - without either informed consent or a presidential waiver as is required by law.3. The anthrax vaccine was originally licensed based on data from a different vaccine. The only safety/efficacy study ever done on human beings was done on that different vaccine. The FDA and DoD have also previously admitted that efficacy, based on animal studies, against inhalation is problematic because no proven correlate of immunity between animals and humans exists for anthrax infection.4. The anthrax vaccine protocol originally called for 3 shots only; the change to a series of 6 shots with annual boosters was done with no foundation in research or fact. The label was actually changed to reflect the protocol then in practice; the protocol was not dictated by instructions on the label (see chronology of the anthrax vaccine - link on this page)5. BioPort, the original manufacturer of the vaccine, changed its filtering and fermenting equipment in 1991 without notifying the FDA. The result was a 100-fold increase in the potency of the vaccine. It was used anyway.
BioPort also produced non-sterile and contaminated vaccine before the FDA shut it down for 4 years. It was used anyway.
BioPort's punishment? A brand new contract with the government (see news archives) since the DoD is so certain Judge Sullivan's ruling will be overthrown.
A red flag at BioPort, and at many pharmaceutical companies, is the presence on their boards of retired military personnel. In BioPort's case, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral William Crowe, has long been a player.
6.The Kansas State University Study (see the Gulf War Syndrome page on this site) has definitely pointed to the anthrax vaccine as one of the major components of Gulf War Syndrome.

U.S. to Buy 75M Doses of Anthrax Vaccine

A new company has been authorized to create a vaccine what is in this one?


WASHINGTON - The government said Thursday it is purchasing 75 million doses of a new generation anthrax vaccine under an $877.5 million contract — the first awarded through a federal program to develop and stockpile antidotes to biological and chemical weapons. more

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