Friday, June 10, 2005

DU VS multiple shots

The Outpost says it has been unable to find sources concerning depleted uranium and Gulf War Syndrome [Letters, May 26]. While that is not my area of focus, I do know that Kansas State University, among others, conducted a remarkable survey of Gulf War veterans, and has documented the results in a report which can be found here:
There seems to be no one cause for Gulf War Syndrome, but it has been determined that the anthrax vaccine, an experimental drug, has definitely played a role. Most likely PB pills, another experimental drug given to ward off exposure to nerve gas, played a role as well. In addition, the military tends to give multiple vaccines at once, something that not all immune systems can handle.

In Gulf War I, service members were also exposed to nerve gas in certain areas, and the smoke from the oil fires didn’t help. Depleted uranium has been written about on the Internet in connect with certain cancers, with at least one report stating the military incidence of such cancers was particularly high in Bosnia.

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Kathy Hubbell


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