Monday, March 21, 2005

Latest News on injuction

Transcribing while on phone, so, this will be brief. The hearing today
lasted 2 hours 15 minutes. Judge Sullivan had some great lines that
show up in media reports. He expressed great
frustration at DoD's violation of his initial injunction. He stated
the proposed DoD letter apologizing to the troops for violating the
injunction was unacceptable to be signed by a Col, and that he wanted
signed by Secretary Rumsfeld. (that is for the contempt).

On the EUA, he said that he would probably amend his injunction, but,
to endorse the DoD's use of the vaccine. He said his injunction had no
barring on a voluntary program, and that if DoD chose to start a
program under an EUA, that the courts would entertain challenges to the
at that time. He made no decision in the hearing itself and said that
would rule on or before April 1st. He scheduled a hearing for 10:00 am
April 1st, which may or may not occur, depending on whether Sullivan
a decision on both the contempt and the EUA decisions sooner. Media
articles will be forthcoming in the next 24 hours or so. Bottom line
we get
extra hearings..
Very many thanks, appreciation and forever gratitude to those that
today, those that have been working behind the scenes, and the
that are still challenging to ensure laws are complied with as it
relates to
investigational drugs and the EUA on behalf of our service members, DoD
contractors, and eventually, the public.

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