Sunday, November 07, 2004

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Have their been any reports of loss of short-term memory. I talk regularly to some soldiers wives reagarding an event we are producing for the military familes and they are sharing with me stories of their husbands suffering from severe short-term memory loss since returning home from their first tour of duty.The one thing they suspect it may be a result of is their smallpox vaccine which they recieved twice, since the first batch was mixed improperly. Have you heard any reports of this?Besides the health issues involved, this is dangerous since they are re-deploying to Iraq in one month.
Chris Thompson

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This short-term memory problems have occurred in first GW war vets who came home sick (or never deployed due to autoimmune illnesses and were still positive for antisqualene antibodies, just like the ones who did deploy and got sick), AVIP anthrax vaccine recipients who received lot numbers which FDA confirmed contained squalene. Squalene is known to cause autoimmune neurological disease which can affect memory as well as balance, sensory and motor functions. Squalene has also been proven to cause rheumatologic diseases such as lupus which can affect CNS functions with seizures, cerebritis, antiphospholipid antibodies (which cause blood clots and can affect circulation anywhere in the body), and vasculitis (which can affect circulation anywhere in the body.) These things can happen without having lupus as well. I encourage folks who have these problems to see their physicians for check-ups to include the tests which look specifically for autoimmune diseases. They may also need further tests such as EEG's or MRI's. I hope this information helps and wish all of them the best.

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