Monday, October 25, 2004

The trouble with anthrax

I recently began to personally have quite a few symptoms that I have sought assistance for at a local VA Clinic. I am a Iraqi Freedom vet, whom until recently have had no signifcant medical problems. While in Kuwait I recieved four shots of Anthrax from a few Batches not sure which ones but I think fav078.

As a medic I was in charge of administering these vaccines to troops arriving in theather. I was in Kuwait from Jan 03 until June 03. I administered many injections probably in the thousands. I have begun this blog in order to try and creat a resource for soldiers and sailors equally to find answers on an illness that no VA doctor claims to be.

My symptoms are as follows; Severe onset acute reaction 3 times since I returned (07/03). ( red bumps on my trunk and arms after exhertion., or heat). Pain and numbness on the right side of my face constantly. Severe joint pain in my knees and pain in my back. Chronic fatigue.

This blog will be a resource for news and assistance. Recently a book has been released that I urge many of you to seek. I have acces to in and can send it to you for 24.95 called Vaccine A by Gary Matsumoto. Please email me with any infor you have. I am seeking the truth and assistance.

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